Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tour Guide

Ivan’s the Russian but I have been showing him around Moscow hehehee On the first day he was over for dinner, where I intro-ed him to Jason, Reena, Justin and Praveen. He blended in just fine. On the second day I was bloody tired (yakked with Prav till morning the night before) I brought Ivan to MEGA to fight the Sunday crowd but we left pretty early. I got a white haulter top from ZARA though!

Jason, Reena and I had lunch at TGI Friday’s at Panorama. They ran some errands before meeting up while I dragged myself out of bed to be on time hehehee Later Viro met up with us at Café Latte to which Ivan joined us too. We enganged ourselves in various topics (as usual LOL) till closing and I seriously enjoy these coffee sessions we do lately. Very intellectual! All in all, today was a day of good food and great company!

I am down the road right now. These fellas lured me into putting up a night at their apt, I am soooo wanted :P I went crazy playing Jeopardy! on the PS2. Its the old American game show. Supposed to watch a moive but the game is just too addictive. Justin, Reena and I were cracking our heads till 4am. Slapping 5s when our questions were correct and cursing like hell when otherwise LOL Can you believe I will be flying tomorrow to UK already?? *damn excited!*

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