Monday, January 30, 2006

Sweet Tooth

OMG I think the dominant DM genes in my blood will strike soon enough from the rate of sugar intake I am going! Damn this country has soooooo much of chocolates! Those were the days when I didnt enjoy brownies or snack bars but now its a whole different story!!

We didnt do much during first half of the day. Last night Julian (Nick's neighbour next door) came knocking on the door- in his boxers. I suppose he thought I was Nick because I slept with the trance songs on. He wanted to tell me to lower down the base but I switched them off before I answered the door anyway hehehee I still havent got a good look at him because my glasses were never on so far :P

As it is I aint keeping my figure well anymore. My belly looks pregnant *screams!* Sha and all buy their groceries from TESCO and goodies there are so cheap. Buy 2 cheaper than 1 so before I board my flight, I will sweep whatever I can from there! In the evening, my best and I hung out at Broadmead (stupid name, right?) to check out some shops. I got myself a pair of jeans! Some embroidery action on the side.

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