Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Best And I

My flight to London was smooth. Aeroflot isnt so bad after all! Food served was okayy too. I sat in between a Russian girl and a fat American man. Sunny walked over and passed me his Moscow Times newspaper with "miss you" kind of message at the bottom of the front page. I swear I should have went to their seats and flaunt it on his girlfriend.

Passport control asked more than usual questions but I got through. It wasnt too hard to get around at Heathrow to the Underground. Sunny and Chun Lin were headed different direction so I didnt bother to greet them earlier, neither to wave goodbye. I sped right off straight to my best!

I reached Victoria Station a bit late but the sight of meeting my best was grrreaat! Met Ezlin and Nick for the first time and Julienne. We checked-into Malaysian Hall at Bayswater Station. Had homecooked food at the cafe downstairs. We basically toured around aimlessly. Took a ride on the London Eye, behaved like monkeys and snapped pictures everywhere. Ohhh there were soo many good-looking guys!

We decided to call it a night so that we could tour properly tomorrow on the Hop On/Hop Off bus ride. Sha and I took a higher step ehh. From Cheras right on to London you know! We yakked and updated each other about our current affairs till we fell asleep. That is sooo us hehehee

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