Thursday, January 12, 2006

London Tour

Hop On/Hop Off the bus was what we did, ahoy! Damn convenient for us. We saw the exchange of guards at the Buckingham Palace (we nicknamed it Buckee) but since I am vertically challenged, half the time I had to look into the screen of people's videocamcorder LOL Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abby, here and there plus we even had a free cruise on Thames River!

We walked along Leicester Square for dinner, then Soho and Chinatown. Hmmm there was slight familiarity for me since I have already visited these places with Mum and Fats in 1999 :) Finally Sha managed to show me the famous Oxford Street. I bought some stuff but wasnt too willing to part with the pounds (needa spend in Egypt what!) Topshop is too huge for my liking. In fact I got a little nauseous with the sales!

Back at Bayswater Station, we met up with Farah hehehee Had a nice chat over coffee but we couldnt hang out for too long anyway because Malaysian Hall shuts its doors at 11pm. Last night we had supper till 11.20pm but we called to inform them so we were excused :P Nick will return to Bristol tomorrow, Ezlin will meet her aunt while Sha, Juls and I will fly to Hurghada! Yay!

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