Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ivan Is Here

I am at Time Online right now. Gonna meet Ivan at 3pm :) I have called the cartoons over for dinner tonight and Praveen's invited too. Not sure what I will cook but nothing fattening I hope because I plan to keep my curves! I havent got many clothes to wear for Egypt but Sha said she will bring a lot of hers for me as well so I best stay in shape!

Ohhh I dont know when I might come to BLOG again! If I dont, that means only when I come back from winter holidays. I am sooooo looking forward for it. Just sent an email to Sarah for her details so that we can arrange to meet up. Whooaa! UK and Egypt.. here I come!!

ps. Folks fought. Mum left (again) If it happened earlier, I might go back to Malaysia for CNY/ accompany Daddy but since now everythings done *sighh* No idea what they are up to. Dont wanna ask even. Hehehe like father, like daughter ehh. Both having some tough time. Paul's even better. Messaged me to say 90% he aint gonna stay in the apt next year. What should I do? Let me enjoy my holidays first. Then I shall plan :)

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