Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Need Help

Which Is More Disappointing?
A- Waiting for a message which never comes *handphone always nearby*
B- Coming home to see there isnt any message youve been hoping for *handphone away*

I didnt hear from him since New Year's Eve. I thought I would see him but it didnt happen. Instead I got to know that he was at the Red Square with her and friends. The only picture on my mind was them, laughing away :(

The current remedy to get over the fact is picture how happy they are together, that things are patched up and he loves her again. Hope has turned into hurt as each day passes (so far 4 days). I have never sounded this pathetic and a wise friend told me today "Have some pride" and "Better not hope anymore".

Its gonna take a while. The last thing I would do is anything physically stupid to myself. I dont need those attention to keep a guy. Only the closet psychotics would. I have much more friends who care and that compensate my heartbreak!

Let me BLOG about him for the last time. I think about him. I speak about him. I ask questions about him which is meaningless because I answer them myself based on what I wish for. The hp is almost good for nothing because no messages from him. It fucking hurts. I need therapy *cries*

Read about my anger for him. MY anger.

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