Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

Hehehee surprisingly theres still credit on the Stream. Its usually cut off before noon *lucky!* So how did we countdown to 2006 last night? Ahhh it was very cozy. I left the house with Min Guan, Quek and Christabel. Had McDonald's with them for a bit and Quek loaned me money to buy groceries. I forgot my ATM card!

Perekrestok was pretty crowded. I got 3 pairs of huge bedro, ingredients to roast them, two bottles of Martini, other beverages for a feast fit for 3 kings! I came home, unloaded first batch and went out to Kopeeka for Sprite (to go with the Martini) and onions. It was perfect timing to start New Year's Eve dinner by the time Jason and Reena showed up :)

The bedros were delicious. I must say I was terharu with it, really. The mashed potatoes were extra tasty with burnt onions and petrushka. Of course, a packet of boiled Royal Mix always does wonders LOL We started at 9pm. Time felt a bit slow after dinner but once we started yakking.. foooh! One hour after another. I love my kitchen. It faces the playground and families were playing with fireworks. It was beautiful. So beautiful, right in front of us since my apts on the 15th floor.

Sharp 12am we watched Putin made a speech on TV and Russian national anthem came on. We hugged each other and inside I had the warmest feeling of all, having my best friends with me. I mean last year was just patheticlahh. Jason was busy dl-ing songs on LimeWire while Reena and I yakked in the kitchen till 4am. They spent a night (for the first time) with me. I am so looking forward for a greeeaatttt year ahead!!

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