Saturday, January 28, 2006

EGYPT People

Our encounter with the locals and mind you, majority (all the way) were men. I am bloody glad that I brought my Guess shades with me! Perhaps because they think anything goes with tourists, verbal/physical harassment is okay. Disturbed us girls to the max!

Luxor and Cairo are the best place for souvenirs. In Cairo's Khan el Khalili, we made the best bargain with Pedro (our favourite guy) Oooh I love being a girl. Just flash a smile, sparkle the eyes and hehehee we always hear "Okay" to the price we ask for! Most fellas were friendly because of business but few others exchanged contacts with me. I didnt see any harm in broadening the circle of friendship :)

In Hurghada, souvenir prices are fixed. Infested by Russian tourists too. The beach by our Hotel Reemyvera is awesome. Theres a lagoon even! We loved basking ourselves in the sun whole day long. I was close to the tattoo artist called Hany. He did henna for us and I got his name on my arm while Sha and Juls just had their names on!

Sha and Juls finally got their shisha from "John Legend" at the El Dahar Bazaar. His name is Nabil but he does look like the singer. It was the last day of our hols so basically we were all poor people (fakir in Arabic) Nabil was damn funny when he said "I know you all have no money so pay me how much you want" Hehehee we sank THAT low, can you believe it! LOL

We hung out mostly with Hany and his friends towards the end. Nabil took us to El Sakkala for a night out for a treat. The DJ played Hip Hop solely for the 3 of us. We felt soooo priviledged!

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