Saturday, January 28, 2006


2 weeks of holidays in Egypt was helluva awesome! I enjoyed myself soooo much :)

Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Esna, Cairo and the smaller cities were worth the visit. We experienced it all- airplane, ship, train, car, van, chariot, harassment, desperation, misguidance, hours of enjoyment, sleeping in the airport, stealing bread from breakfast buffet etc :P

The tour included 17 fellas. We had somewhat 3 groups- me, Sha, Juls, Victor and Yun Kin, juniors consisted of Ravinder, Jia Yu, Ker Hsin and Christina, while the others were Farid, Celyn, Lim, Siew Hui, Sangeeta, Padmini, Mustaqim and his girlfriend. It took the juniors a few days to warm up to us but after the trip to Abu Simbel Temple, we became the best of friends LOL

I am in Bristol right now at Sha's apt (in Nick's room to be exact) Let the 2 lovebirds spend time together. Today is CNY Eve. We decided to have reunion dinner here and not out in the restaurant. Nick bought us bus tickets to London for tomorrow and I cant wait! CNY in Chinatown must be packed!

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