Saturday, January 28, 2006


I miss the Nile cruise badly :( The full board meal was so healthy. We had fresh greens daily but the main courses were nearly the same. Grilled chicken, rice with mixture of meehoon and pasta, mashed potatoes/fried potatoes, all kinds of salad and a corner full of dessert selections!

Sha was surprised because back in KL I am a light eater. But this time I always took minimum 2 helpings! I have the habit of eating the deco pieces around the bowls and plates LOL We did eat out in the local restaurants. Not too expensive though. It was pretty difficult to find food stalls in Egypt. I love their sugar can (gasap in Arabic) Damn sweet! I sure gained a few kgs this hols. My washboard tummy is like so gone and we didnt even exercise one bit so you can imaginelahh *sighhh*

One thing I didnt like about our entire trip was that beverages are not included in our meals. We have to pay extra for it. So I came up with this brilliant theory that desert people value water more than anything else. Oohh since everything is bargain-able, so are the bottles water! Big eye opener. Oohh its customary for the shopkeepers to offer kakadeh tea (dried hibiscus) for visitors so we got lucky sometimes. We even got to shisha for free hehehee

I wanted to buy some Egyptian sweets but theyre either too sweet or tasteless. We had enough of dessert on the ship anyway so I let it slide. Oohh this Nabil was nice. He ordered titbits for us and it consisted of chips, nuts, carrots and cucumber LOL Pork Chop (Julienne) and I laughed till we cried. Sha had Screwdriver while I had Pina Colada! Nabil doesnt drink so he actually had Sprite. His assistant, Mohamed had beer with 0% alcohol. Muslims, ha! :P

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