Saturday, January 28, 2006

EGYPT Events

Basically everyone went into souvenir buying frenzy while I only looked on and helped my friends bargain. Not that I wasnt attracted to the items, it was partly because I was pre-warned not to spend too much money by my folks and I lost some cash too :(

Of course visits to every historical site was amazing. I only wah-ed and wow-ed over National Geographic channel, books but being there in person, touching the patterns carved on pillars and walls (forbidden in some temples but what the hell right hehehe) It was breathtaking. I loved everywhere!

We sunbathed a lot, wore sleeveless and sometimes less cloth so the sun would shine properly on out skins. Luckily Juls, Sha and I are tan-lovers. Even Yun Kin and Victor wanted to get some too. Others tried to hide behind jacketslah, people's backslah etc Oohh Pork Chop couldnt get brown till she yelled out "I am gonna die white!!"

I dont have a camera but Sha, Juls and Yun Kin were very kind. Snapped for me whenever I called out. I brought my disposable camera but didnt use it anyway. They found it hilarious and old school, I think its just fine! This tour pretty much brought me and the juniors closer, they just winessed the mad side of me. Juls, Sha and I made so much noise plus our laughter is contagious so you can imagine how much fun we had!

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