Monday, January 02, 2006

Curry Pork

New Year's Day was spent with much love (and tears from the very spicy curry pork for dinner) Jason, Reena, Justin and I had coffee at Park Kafe in Festival for a couple of hours. I had yummy Apple Strudel with a scoop of ice cream :)

I helped Reena prepare her Curry Pork dish. Oof. She had a sudden attack of epilepsy while pouring "extra hot" chilli powder into the pot LOL I was crying and nose was running but ehh. It was still very delicious. Usually their apt is cold like fuck but we all went to sleep with a warmth! The evil cat scratched me good, on the right thigh. Arrgghhh!

I left when they started cleaning. I got pretty motivated. I havent cleaned mine since Paul left and that was like 2 weeks ago. I was gonna clean it anyway because I caught some dust bunnies in the hall. I was too lazy to go over again after the mopping, vacuuming and cleaning. Plus they were expecting guests. SO I had a hot bath for the first time in the tub. Hmmm damn relaxing. Douglas would be so happy for my therapy!

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