Friday, January 06, 2006

Bunk Buddies

I have been spending a lot of time down the road with those cartoons. Now their apt is not cold like fuck anymore. In fact so much warmer. They finally got the determination to do something with their windows. Not on purpose though because they had to replace the broken shower set!

This "pena montash" thingy does work. The foamy stuff that oozes out from huge 750ml aerosol can (from Germany somemore) really blocks the cold air from coming in. Ohh we also watched Cinderella Man which was supposed to be our New Year's Eve movie. Boss said it the inspiration would last till 2007 and since they watched twice, effect would last till 2008 for them :P

I am a lot happier compare to the past few days. Only when I am alone like in the showers or back to my apt to replenish my supplies, I think about him. Haihhh when the fuck are those thoughts ever gonna stop. You know I cannot understand still this (yes I am refering to him again)

How can you not love someone but pretend that you do and how can you love someone but pretend that you dont? Unless the first line is a lie, I doubt feelings can be solely an act

Reena said "He missed the boat. Fucklahh wei. He missed the fucking cruise". Friends always give you words of comfort :)

Yesterday was fun. We met up with Viro at Cafe Latte for coffee and as usual, we sat and yakked till closing. After that, we all headed back to Viro's to book their accomodation stuff online. Chill-ed with Azie, Che Che and Praveen till they were done.

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