Tuesday, January 03, 2006

AMBar And Grill

Its been a while since I stepped into this restaurant. Quek came over to the apt to collect Sunny's laptop. Must have been a killer for him because bloody cold day today. Errr it was also my idea to leave the laptop behind but the owner didnt come to take *uh-oh*

Hmmm he asked me to go out for a walk, like to makan or so. I thought he meant McDonald's so I didnt exactly look my best meaning I didnt style my hair or wore a nicer sweater. Quite bad on my part because he might think I look damn "chan" because of the rejection. Damn it. You know this Quek can sometimes get the obvious picture wrongly!

So we went to M. Mayakovskaya and had late lunch/dinner at American Bar and Grill. It was good to see him. Only a little awkward because he didnt know what to say. I felt awkward because all I wanted to say was about him. Hehehee anyway I decided to go home and we parted. Now I am just in Time Online :)

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