Sunday, December 25, 2005

X'Mas Sunday

MERRY CHRISTMAS! *some bell chimes here and there*
Yes! No hang over hehehee That was my first thought when I sat upright at 930am. Quek asked me to come along to church yesterday. I told him to wake me up but he didnt because I was in deep sleep it seems. That boy ahhh!

The building of ICA- International Christian Assembly located at M. Rizhskaya aint no chapel nor cathedral you know. Its in a luxurious looking cabaret hall. Well there were a lot of people and everyone was sooo friendly towards each other. I was all smiles to the performance. But the guy seated next to me made me slightly uncomfortable because he kept turning to look at me, like I was so blind to notice LOL

I fell asleep when Pastor Kevin read out the sermon (Luke 2:13-14, Galanthian something) Hehehee that was pretty embarassing but you know their speech can be pretty hypnotic. Christabel stayed on to go to dacha with Angeline but Quek and Cheeky headed back to the hostel with me. I told them to come along for dinner at Jason, Reena and Justin's tonight which they agreed. My line of the day "Less food but more joy" :)

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