Thursday, December 22, 2005

X'Mas Shopping

The whole Group 3 marched on to Ashan to buy stuff for the potluck this Saturday. Everyone paid 230pyb (later chipped in some extras) There was a long list of ingredients so we all got some "task" to collect. Quek and I had helluva fun searching for pasta stuff hehehe

I finally got the ZARA skirt I wanted! I thought about it and after 2 weeks, I gave in LOL Actually I wouldnt have returned to the shop if Mum had found the similar skirt in my cupboard. I remember I wore it to Poppy Garden on the last day of our club nights (I was with Esmond and gang while Sha was hogged by Harjit in Passion upstairs) but dunnolah where I must have chucked it :P

I cant wait for the X'mas dinner this Saturday. Im going to Kahovskaya hostel and staying over somemore *bloody jakun* I told Reena and all I will see them on X'mas evening for dinner :)

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