Saturday, December 24, 2005

X'Mas Eve

I woke up early to meet Mun Yee and Victor (Isaac and Jia Yu came along too) at M. VDkH for the Egypt trip payment. Had to wait 2hours for the travel agents to come but finally everything is settled and we are soooo ready to go now!

Then I headed home to pack my stuff hehehee Around 5pm I reached the hostel, Victor brought me in. Damn excited I was, checked-in right away into Sunny and Quek's hahahaa Quek is a real sweetheart, he cleaned the whole Room No.220 for my comfort, scrubbed the toilet and all :)

Zhao Ing, Mun Yee, May and Douglas were preparing cookies and cakes while Victor attended to his baby- the Turkey! Helluva highlight of the evening! I disturbed everyone and decided I didnt belong in the kitchen LOL So Douglas and I left to do come decos for the hall. I cut out "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to paste on the walls hehehee

We all showered and put on our best clothes. Ohh there were soooo much food!

- The Turkey which was bloody delicious
- Spiral pasta with vegetarian sauce
- Meatballs
- Very tasty coleslaw salad
- Black pepper beef (but I didnt take this one)
- Baked potatoes with shredded cheese
- A yule log
- Black forest cake
- Apple cinammon pie
- Cookies and more cookies
- Champange and red wine for the lovely occassion

Hmmm I had a fair share of everything but maybe I didnt eat anything the whole day I was afraid I might screw up my stomach. I needed the filling anyway. Past 12am Victor carried Angeline's portable radio and we decked the halls loudly at every rooms!

We had suicidal drinking session! Fucking tequila, Martini and vodka shots in Min Guan's room :P As to conclude my first X'mas Eve celebration with my friends, I must say that I really enjoyed myself despite some crazy dramas and puking my guts out LOL

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