Sunday, December 25, 2005

X'Mas Dinner

We got back to the hostel and Quek needed to sleep first before we make the move to my place. I hung around here and there. Poor Sunny hehehe Knocked out from 7 types of alcohol. I told you, we are suicidal drinkers. If you didnt end up like us, you definitely have steel stomach!

Hmmm I miss Whiskey Coke! *sudden outburst hahahaa*

Min Guan re-arranged his whole room from scratch. Evacuated everything out of the room and did some major clearing. The toilet was a mess of course hehehee Last night when I couldnt hold it anymore and Min Guan locked himself in the toilet, I puked on the cups and plates :P At least I was smart okay! Quek said if I were to puke on his bed, thats itlahh. I would have died LOL

Dinner was GREAT :) Reena cooked Teriyaki Chicken with mashed potatoed and carrots. I helped out a little bit. We yakked a lot while preparing. Lots of stories to updatelahh from her and myself. Neverending dramas in our current affairs. I am so fucking anticipated for the winter holidays. Lets say its gonna be a close curtain to all. Well. For me I guess!

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