Friday, December 30, 2005

Viro's Party

Viro's birthday was actually yesterday (29th December) but we got invited over to her place for dinner this evening. Why was it postponed to today because *snicker* Reena, Beekins and her got drunk on 16+3 Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea at TGI Friday's. As in kupeh-ed from 2-10pm. Hows it possible? Hehehee gotta give it to the Indians, hands down!

I arrived on time at Viro's. Took a cab but had to hunt for the directions LOL Reena and Jason reached her place earlier to help cook. Dimitri, Shu, Praveen and Azie were in the house. They prepared sambal *wasnt too spicy*, hard-boiled eggs, deep fried bullseye, peanuts, cucumbers and "screwpine" fragrance rice. Oohh massive fried chicken too. The rest didnt seem to be over anytime soon so we helped ourselves to the Nasi Lemak first. Uhmmm delicious!

Much later only Wishnu, Dipta, Hari, Ashish, Jaspal, Palvin and Aliah turned up. Ashish made Viro this yummy cake which I forgot what its called. There were no alcohol involved this time! We snapped pictures and videos, yakked a bit here and there. Very cozy and laid back dinner party. Whats on for tomorrow? :) Jason suggested we do coffee, then either my apt or their apt for dinner. I said my apt so I shall arrange a big cookout for tomorrow!

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