Friday, December 23, 2005

Tis'The Season

I went for Therapy today but I felt so tired till I had to leave class halfway :( Slept around 4am the night before. Had to clear some stuff with that fella. I was supposed to meet Aron today but something else came up so I told him Id see him on Monday instead *ohh well*

Sunny dropped by in the evening. It was really nice to have him over and we yakked quite a bit. He sibuk cooked dinner before he left the house. I made him cook actually hehehe A dish I made up called Sour Plum Sauce Chicken which tasted fabulous, of course LOL I was upset that he couldnt stay longer but what the hell right. Dont make a man stay when he doesnt want to >(

I am going to meet up with Victor and Mun Yee tomorrow to make payment for the Egypt trip! Quite the risky carrying USD1600 cash in your bag no? But like I always say, its not like youre carrying a picket as well to announce that youve got money hehehe It's X'mas Eve finally!

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