Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Time Heals

Its been 7 weeks since confessions were made. I still yearn for him to be mine. Right now I just want to BLOG my feelings down. I know one day I shall read back and its only a barrel of laughter..

To be honest, its joy to know that its me that he wants to be with. I have always had the guys I wanted but it aint my call this time. That doesnt make me a loser. I could forget him right away. I could move on the next day but not now, not yet?

Yeahh like just a few entrees ago I was cursing like hell as if I was gonna cut ties with him for real right? Fucklah. It was one of the many attempts, only more massive but failure anyway LOL

This could be an Oscar-winning movie. Guy land Girl cant be together because of suicidal Ex-gf. Ex-gf has no friends thats why she needs the Guy. Girl on the other hand, has all the friends she can have. Girl can be happy with or without the Guy, Girl only wants him to stop crying. You can tell Best Actress award will go to Ex-gf because shes awesome at it!

So the Girl is holding on to the little bit of hope to be with the Guy. I guess one can always hold on to the little bit of hope for as long as it takes.

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