Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shopping Therapy

Paul took me out this weekend. I enjoyed myself very much. Yesterday we wanted to go to the zoo but since both of us woke up past noon, we carried on with our backup plan LOL We went to RIO (a new mall) at Kalushskaya Ploschad. My groupmates wanted to drop by a couple of weeks ago but no one really bothered hehehee

I was a bit upset still when we got there at first. It was already dark at 5pm. Cold wind. The tram we took stank of piss. Felt so far and we had to walk a long stretch. RIO is rather nice. Got alot of designer brands and somewhat on par with MEGA. What cheered me up sky high was when I received an sms from Sha! She is coming to Egypt!! Uncle Ravi approved! I was jumping and screaming until some passerbys looked funny at me. Paul was grinning for me as well LOL I quickly withdrew money and got myself a brand new yum-yum anorak from ZARA!

Today we were supposed to catch Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron at MEGA Himki and also to try Paul's luck for a parka. But I was upset after I tried on a pleated skirt from MNG which I couldnt buy. Its okay. Some buttons were coming off and I can live without it anyway. Tho I must say it looks extremely nice on me :P We walked the whole place in search of Paul's wanted item but to no avail. Oohh well. There's always a next weekend if he still cant get one. Aahh what a nice weekend. We brought each other to new shopping malls :)

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