Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Paul's Plan

Arghh that bugger gets to go back to Malaysia!

Today Quek came over to "keep me company" but hes actually got other reasons. Brought Sunny's laptop over to make good use of our Stream. Hummphh! But of course hes always welcomed to my crib :) I cooked Coca-Cola Chicken (again) and Turtle Beans hehehe

I have got the whole week lined up with events and seriously, nice friends who suggest some activities so that I wouldnt be lonely here. Actually it is not bad at all. I remember last winter Aron went back to Germany and I was in Butovo alone for quite some time *shrugs* Auntie Reena called earlier to check on me LOL Damn nicelahhh all of my friends!

Poor Yun Kin's admitted to our hospital. At first suspected appendicitis but after check-up, doctors said could be hernia. I saw him this morning in the check-up room and he asked Mun Yee to go with Isaac to make payment for the Egypt trip! I will have to pay for Sasha and Julienne first because the agency takes cash only. Pffttt!

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