Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Smile

Everyone cares for my happiness. I am very touched. All my emotional supporters want to see me smile and that makes them smile too :)

There is still somethings that I ponder upon. Do we have to be cruel to be kind? Do we do the wrong things to be right? Do we kill to stay alive? (ok this one sounds morbid) Do we have to let go to hang on? Do we have to close our eyes to see? Hmmm tough shit right LOL

Haihhh so much has happened and thats like barely a month. This cycle is very relaxed. Radiology lecture and I enjoy Therapy. 3 more weeks and I am so looking forward for the holidays! Some big detour action hehehee Julienne might be coming too and OMG. I seriously cant imagine how crazy we are gonna be and how irritated others are gonna be :P

Just need to tell Daddy about it. Then I am sooo set!!

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