Saturday, December 10, 2005

Movie Temptation

I want to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe badly!! :( I caught the trailer earlier this year and its out now yet I still need to be patient for it *cries* I cant wait to catch the graphics! Must be helluva amazing!

Hmmm there's something wrong with my left eye. Not the eyeball but the edge. Looks as if someone gave me a good punch but Reena insisted that I knocked myself somewhere. Impossible right. I would know then. Anyway Paul and I went to the new mall down at Michurinskii Prospekt called Festival. Nice place but I think I prefer RIO hehehee Paul finally got his long hunt of cauldroy jacket LOL I tried on a black top which I find pretty sexy but I didnt buylahh.

Met up with Reena, Jason and Justin for dinner and the proceeded to Kafe Park for coffee. I enjoyed our chat very much and the waitress is "one happy employee"! She was merrily serving at our table. We chat about global issues from history to religion to all kinds of intellectual subjects :P Damn healthy conversation we had. But we will return to the shop where Paul bought his jacket tomorrow. They forgot to remove the electronic tag (whatever that thing is called for security purposes) MAYBE I might try on the top again hehehee

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