Saturday, December 17, 2005


Paul and I set out for a mission today! Woke up early to Ismailovskii Park for some matrioshka purchase. I always buy Russian souvenirs from there since prices are much lower compared to centre's. The Metro station isnt called that anymore. It has been changed to M.Partizanskaya (sounds capitalistic to me.. some "party"). Always a long ass journey up north. Cold somemore!

I got 2 self-paint matrioshka pack for Sarah's kids and a cute fridge magnet for their house. Paul got 2 matrioshka of Putin. Later we both got ourselves matching Che Bureshka t-shirts. Damn cute! I bought a lot of crap actually but FINALLY I got the metal arm band I have always wanted. I know fats will jut out of my biceps but what the hell right!

Best part was our lunch in the authentic chinese restaurant. When I say "authentic" means opened by Chinans and the taste DO taste different from our chinese food back home. The waitresses spoke Mandarin with a pretty thick accent. Made the both of us so nervous, Paul spoke to her in Russian! It was sooooo dumb LOL We had a large bowl of Sour Chilli Fish Soup and Claypot Chicken. Too much food for 2 small eaters. I was damn bloated to even walk back to the Metro station!

Paul and I headed different directions after that. I went to meet Reena, Beekins and Viro at M.Novie Cheremushkii for coffee. OMG. We sat and yakked from 430-930pm! Could have been longer but I felt tired so we had to call it a night :)

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