Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hostel Woes II

Spartivnaya hostel is opened. I was considering of moving back but how the fuck to do that when the rooms are shared by 6-9 people? Bastard Georgi would rob me blind like make me pay much more since I am an outsider >(

Truth is. I love this apartment. I love where I am staying. I am happy here. Paul takes care of me only sometimes his depression swings disturb me because I cant help him but thats secondary. Everything is perfect but dunnolahh. Maybe it was natural instincts for me to react when I heard that Georgi is giving out places. OMG. It will be disastrous sharing the toilet seat with so many butts!

I spoke to Paul about it over dinner table at Picasso (okaylah their pineapple curry chicken rice is nicer than mine) Hes very supportive about my accomodation in future. Told me not to even think about moving to Spartivnaya, having to share with 6-9 people whom I dont even know. He gave me his word that he will not abandon me in future *fingers crossed*

Hehehee I could laugh again right on :)

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