Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Sales

Quek, Sunny and I went to MEGA for lunch today. I like their KFC hehehe Had a comb of corn all for myself! Very yummy! I told them I was gonna shop for groceries and since they were too free, they accompanied me as well hehehee

I strolled into the main boutiques to check out clothes. Oohh I was shocked to see the same skirt I tried on in MEGA Khimki (the weekend before last) This one was in better condition but price was the same *frowns* I drool over this MNG skirt but it costs ~1850pyb. The boys told me to try it on to which I did. Then both agreed that it DOES look very nice on me. I bugged Quek to buy it for me, he swiped out his card! LOL Of course he was joking :P

Again without fail, ZARA's style fit me. In TRF section, those 2 cartoons made me try on a violet Bohemian skirt. Chose a white top for me to match (seriously too free LOL) I grabbed a black Bohemian skirt on the way. I didnt realise I lost quite a bit of weight. I looked sexy in the white top and the black one :) It was fun hehehe

Ashan was packed like fuck! We took whatever we needed, Paul couldnt come so I only bought chicken. There were prolly less than 20 items altogether we had but we waited an hour just to pay. In front of us were 3 fellas who shopped crazy. Saw their bill came up to 46,ooopyb! Madness!!

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