Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Heartbreaker

I kept typing and backspaced for like 7 times. Seems like I dont know how to BLOG anymore. Is it a blessing or a curse to be loved/admired? Ohh god. People say "Goodlah so many people after you".. my fucking foot! Whats so good about that?

As a conclusion to November 2005- I have lost 3 guys. Ivan, Paul and He will prolly never treat me the way they used to. I wish I could speak to Ivan again. I wish I could patch up with Paul. I want Him to smile. Its as if I am bound to break people's hearts :(

I am tough and I will not let these feelings break myself apart. Paul asked me the other day if its difficult to let go of someone. I answered him that it varies for different people. Some can never but some can the next day. Feelings wont cripple me. If he cant make the claim for me, then there is no point crying right?

"My wishes are horses to which I cannot ride". From this entry onwards, I will only BLOG about laughter and not tears. I will and I mean it. I will not let myself cry anymore and I wont!

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