Saturday, December 31, 2005

Flashback 2005

Its already the last day of this (extra) eventful year. A lot to talk, cry and laugh about if you would ask me. Its traditional to take a moment to recall what happened over the year..

My folks were separated earlier. I was home for the winter and summer holidays to which Dad gave me total freedom without any restrictions to my outings. I saw Fats only a couple of times but our siblingly love has strengthened to a higher level. Mum was always on the lookout for me in the back, I miss them all very much

The C4 are as happening as ever. I love Sha, Tri and Sharon to bits. Our club nights sometimes could go beyond the stars spinning around our heads but heck LOL The thoughts of seeing them again always bring a wide smile to my face- "Hidup C4!!"

I lost a long time best friend. Jay. I didnt understand what happened between us. It could be her mistake or it could have been my fault. Perhaps one day, we would talk again when she gets over the bitterness of the past high school misunderstandings *shrugs*

And in Moscow I am very fortunate to have a handful of friends who offered their hands for me. They took me in, watched my back, cared and bothered. I would died if I didnt have their kindness. Its platonic friendship which I will remember for a long, long time.

Love Life
This one is ALWAYS complicated. I broke up with Aron in mid-April. My feelings for him never returned. 3 years plus, day in and out with someone is a long time. Then came Dinesh who was there for me. I never thanked him because it wasnt gratitude. He was just there yet I disappointed him in the end.

Then for the past 2 months, my heart was broken and sealed and broken again. Confessions were made but there is nothing I can do but I know one things for sure, it aint over yet.

No study debts!

Well I guess this is a pretty great entree to end 2005. Short but rather summerised. I may have made a lot of mistakes, but like the old saying "What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger" and I would say that I am definitely stronger than yesterday :)

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