Friday, December 02, 2005

Fat's Prom

Hehehe my baby brother attended his high school prom in Singapore and read what he commented about it. Damn bitter boy he is :P

Heya. I spent a day at Yee Sheng's place. Then his dad sent a couple of my classmates to the place. It was in a hotel. The prom, to tell you the truth was crap. It cost me 55 bucks just to see and talk to my old classmates again. The food was soso, and the DJ was weak. The MCs were average. I had a lot of kick sabotaging my classmates. Like false confessions using dedictions. Haha. Girls begged to take photos with me, cos they won't see me anymore. I doubt they'll remember me though. Some were pretty, some looked too much and one looked like a mamasan.

Ahh Fats *giggling* Hes damn cute. Sometimes I think he is an angry teen but he defends himself. Perhaps I should stop disturbing him so much hehehe SSM never had a prom for our batch but this event never was really a hit for us anyway :) :)

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