Thursday, December 08, 2005

Egypt Is ON!

Yesterday when I got home from Therapy, I was in the chatroom on MSN with Sha and Julienne. It was a bit disappointing at first because Juls' folks hesistated to agree to this trip. But we went on searching for online bookings from London-Hurghada anyway. Found one from which total costs 123p!

I had to multi-tasklahh, called Star Travel to book for return ticket to UK. I fly on 11th Jan meaning same flight as Sunny and Chun Lin. Then Sha messaged suddenly, exclaiming that Juls CAN come!! OMG! We were bloody tensed! So now our independant tickets to Hurghada are settled, gonna extend our stay for 2 more nights after Victor and all leave. Damn adventurouslah :)

Imagined I did all the bookings and Juls even transfered payments but I had yet to inform Daddy about it LOL Anyway this morning I already gave him call. Like I predicted he didnt like when I mentioned Egypt but I assured him friends who went recommended. Wasnt hard to convince one bit :) I told him I will fly to UK and then meet Sha and her friend, Juls before flying to Egypt together. Told him I will celebrate CNY with Sha in UK too. He was delighted to hear!

Today I told my friends about it and everyones happy for me. Most say that Ill have a blast! Oohh Radiology was boring like hell. I slept right in front of the lecturer. Couldnt help it. The malay dudes are cool. Fiq disturbing me a lot. Surprisingly he climbed over and poked my ribs. I was shocked.. why would he do that right?! Dont tell me someone told him that I have the hots for him hahahaa

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