Friday, December 09, 2005

Cold Cold Cold

Brrrr.. the wind that blows into your direction just numbs the whole face! Last night I withdrew 3/4 quarter of cash for my ticket payment to UK and just now after class I withdrew the remaining hehehe I marched down to Star Travel and got everything settled! SO I AM SET! :)

Therapy was interesting today. We learned how to read ECGs but this time it was much easier to understand compared to Propedeutics class last year. Plus he is talking and smiling again so naturally classes are a lot more enjoyable *smiles* Quek, Sunny and I had lunch at Sbarros. Hmmm it has been a while since I had a slice. These 2 silly cartoons were conspiring to rob one Russian man LOL When we were queueing to pay at the counter, this Russian man took out a fat stack of 1000pyb from his bag. They claimed it was easily 10Ks there. Doinks!

I borrowed "Dr.House MD" Season 1 series from Justin when I dropped by Reena Jason's last night. Just went over for a chat and stayed for the porky dinner hehehe I shall take a nap now and boil the series everyone has watched, hyped about and now on later seasons than I- blerk!

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