Monday, December 12, 2005

Chat Time

Therapy finished at 2pm sharp today. Surprisingly Quek and Sunny spontaneously came over after class LOL I was shocked. Their reason was because they didnt want to return to the hostel to sleep. Thats all the do nowadays. Of course they are always welcomed :)

These 2 cartoons non-stop teasing and betting that Hwong has the hots for me. Well I do admit that I sensed some last week but I didnt think their observation skills are that sharp! Anyway theyre full of crap. Hwong has always been close to me and we hang out a lot even in St. Petersburg and all! These 2 cartoons are too muchlahhh *sighh*

I cooked Chicken Curry with potatoes. Sunny prepared the mixed vegetables but he practically dumped every spice he could find in the rack LOL Useless fella (but it turned out very yummy) We talked a lot of shit for 3-4hours the entire evening. From the kitchen to my bedroom. Paul was taking his nap the whole time. Ahh reminded me so much of hostel days. They left past 9pm. Mind you, Quek didnt even online :P

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