Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Awaiting Hols

Got all our zacheots for the semester today (exception of TopoAnatomy of course) We are officially free because there wont be anymore classes and we dont have to sit for Hygiene exam. I guess its gonna be a long haul till I board my flight to UK on the 11th Jan!

Still, I have got pretty much events lined up on my calendar. Tomorrow is Viro's birthday and she invited me to her place for celebration, after that its countdown to welcome 2006, friends might drop by on random days, the following week I shall shop for necessities here and there for my trip, looking forward to Ivan's arrival and the next thing I know- voila! I see my best in London hehehee

The loneliness hasnt kicked in yet but I must admit it feels empty without Paul around. Usually his bed is out, the living room looks smaller. Now it looks spacious LOL I am busy downloading songs from LimeWire and its driving me rather mad. I am so gonna fill up the disk space! :P

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