Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Obstetrics class ended very early today. Sunny, Quek and I went to M.Frunzenskaya for McD's. Its Joey's birthday today so Quek met up with Jecintha (to pass to her). I was laughing so hard while telling them about Siva asking me out for "coffee" this weekend LOL

Siva seriously doesnt get it. Yesterday on msn he triedlahh and all I did was giggle. Actually his lines are THAT bad but since I dont like him, I dont find them flattering one bit! Bumped into Sharon and Suki. These fellas disturb me pretty much especially Suki who is a sweetheart! Sunny was like "Why so many guys like to hug you? *frowning*" Then I gave a cheeky whoever-my-bf-can-die-of-jealousy look hehehee Now he can think twice :P

Three of us headed to the Dean's office to get my re-exam score sheet. Must pay for delay examination fine as well. WTF right. Then I went to Ashan alone to shop for groceries (oohh my favourite past time) but of course I window-shopped for a while beforehand. OMG. I tried on 2 winter pakas in ZARA and theyre nice and cheap! I seriously need to get a black one! Sunny suggested we have a look at ZARA in Manishnaya tomorrow hehehee I agreed!