Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Water Cut

There wasnt any water supply since I got home last night from Obstetrics. Paul went to get a 5L of mineral water but when he got back I was sleeping like a pig. Didnt wash my hands or face (shower is out of the question) and this morning I woke up with a red-eye. Dunno. Everyone says its infection but it looks like some blood vessels ruptured, no pain no itch tho *shrugs*

Quek came over past noon to use the Internet. Haihh hes a classic caselah :P Bought me kuri-grill for lunch. Its something like our roast chicken in chicken rice shop. We yakked abit and I left him to his business while I studied for Pharmacology on and off in my room. Called Mum and had a nice chit chat with her, then surprisingly Mel Mel sms-ed me. We updated ourselves with many stories and discussed some issues. It was lovely :)

After Quek decided it was time to leave, Paul brought Kai Voon home for a visit. I havent met her before but shes pretty pleasant. Couldnt handle the silence (I call it serenity) in the apt LOL She said each time she goes back to her hostel, she has to blast the music. Anyway living outside in an apt is not her lifestyle, she confessed. I cooked Mushroom Chicken and long beans. Quite tasty I must say hehehee

As soon as Paul sent Kai Voon to the main road, Reena called LOL Asked if they could come over to shower because their water supply was cut off! Of course they are always welcomed. The 3 came over with 5L of water as well because I told them when ours came back- late morning the next day so they needed to back their hygiene up.