Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Syiok Sendiri

We had a LONG day hahaha First was Surgery (damn meaningless) and then Russian class but it didnt take forever because our teacher was going for the theatre with her friend. After that we all marched up to M.Palezhaevskaya for Obstetrics night shift with Prof.Kalashnikova!

I dunno but the whole idea was to be free tomorrow. Hwong insisted she said something like if we come during her on-call duty, we wouldnt have to come for class the next day. Foooh! We were all so excited but all turned disappointment LOL We are soooo hopeless :P She wasnt too happy with the aim of our presence, she taught us about Post-partum Infections anyway and then lectured us how "I can be kind but also strong" when she meant strict actually hehehe

We all left the building with a tint of stupidity in us. Came for class without preparing for it and hoping she would let us off LOL So we all had some food at the McDonald's down the main road before heading home. Damn it was funny. We spent 4/5 hours sitting on our asses in the Maternity Hospital No.67 without seeing any labour or any action at all. But tomorrow's free :)