Thursday, November 17, 2005

So Strange

Today Surgery class was boring! I should have brought my Pharmacology notes to study instead. Oof. Sunny was really embarassed and stayed pretty quiet! I was non-stop laughing in his face (thats pretty mean of me, I know) I dont exactly know what to say to make him feel better but hugs always do the trick!

After class was over, the whole gang decided to go to Ashan for groceries. It wasnt necessary for me so I passed this time. Hmmm since it was till early, I invited Sunny over to the apt for lunch. Very spontaneously he said "Comelahh". When we got back, Paul was at home already. I dont know why but I suspect often that he doesnt go for class LOL So he went about doing his stuff after a little chat and I prepared dinner in the kitchen *chicken dish again LOL*

It was nice to have Sunny over. Accused me of taking up his nap time. All 3 had dinner together and Paul is always very nice to wash the dishes after dinner :) While we yakked as long as we could but he had to leave around 8pm. Before I sent him out of the door, I made fun of him "Come again for yee lai tong" :P