Thursday, November 03, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya

NO water! Arrghhh lucky me I managed to wash up before they totally shut it off. Paul woke up late (as usual) so he ran to Kopeika for mineral water. We didnt realise that there is a notice downstairs on the door about water shut-off hehehee

I gave a thought about visiting the zoo but it was past noon and sun sets pretty early nowadays. Then I suggested to Paul "Let's go to Red Square and shoot a video!" :P Off we got ready and reached there in no time. It was pretty crowded, really. There were decorations outside GYM, at the Red Square. Quite pretty I must say, them banners of red and yellow. Its a Russian holiday tomorrow called People's Unity Day *just surfed about it*

Oohh it was a rather historical outing LOL We went into the St.Basil's Cathedral! Paid a measly ticket of 20pyb each (with student card upon purchase) Hmmm its interior aint as glorious as the ones in St.Petersburg but I am sure it is as genuine. Not bad huh. We covered the road along the parks and then later, we walked the stretch of Tverskaya Street. Well at least 3/4 of it LOL

Had dinner at Maki restaurant where I had young rabbit! Hahahaha OMG. It was delicious! I also discovered a club "strictly" for women next to it called Krasnaya Papochka :P Nice day today except back home, Paul was pissed with me for scolding him about the video. Of course I would when he uttered rubbish to the video >( My folks aint gonna appreciate those lines!

I left him to whatever he was doing and yakked on the phone with Ivan for an hour plus, maybe more. Hahahaa I cant wait for the winter holidays! I think its gonna be good :)