Monday, November 21, 2005

Re-Exam Fever

Yeah yeahh. Has to be fucking Pharmacology :( Its 2.34am now and I am trying to memorise Antibiotics and its classifications, pharmacological effects, therapeutic uses and adverse effects. OMG. I am only aiming to pass this bloody paper and if I still dont, then I shall postpone and sit with the juniors in spring *keep swearing*

Paul was motivated by my struggle. Now he is studying his TopoAnatomy in the kitchen LOL Speaking of which, Victor is going to re-sit for the TopoAnatomy MCQs tomorrow. At least hes not so bad because chances are, people around him can help him out or in front of him might share the same variant. As for me, prolly some one-man show in the Pharmacology Dept :(

Ahh you know lately, shit happened and I am very glad to have great friends for listeners. In fact no one near knows about it but far away ones do. Its just so hard sometimes to keep stuff inside, to myself and honestly, I cant recall lying in bed like I died. No thanks for the drug stress (the re-examlah) In a couple of hours time, I hope to cry "Freedom! Freedom!" Gimme a 3 and I shall sleep with a grin on my face. I want to clear this bloody debt!