Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pharma Free

Hahahaa so I didnt sleep (only dozed off for an hour) burned the bedlamp till my alarm rang at 730am. I washed my face, dressed up nicely and left the apt. For some reasons I was very alert and not sleepy at all! Damn bersemangat to get roded by Prof. Inegeeva LOL

I arrived there at sharp 930am. Juniors were doing their MCQs in the comp labs, some greeted and concerned of my presence, some I didnt even recognise their faces. So I looked for the iron-lady and was escorted to the last room. Chose my question card but requested for a change immediately because I didnt recognise any of the drug names :P

She, of course had to act frustrated (like it was such a big deal) I sat down, not TOO panicky. Chibai. None of the drugs Paul helped me go through last night came out! Imagine that! You know whats the consolation about this time.. I didnt feel stupid. I felt I know something and seriously, compared to the re-exam I sat for after the St.Petersburg trip :) I felt very knowledgeable this morning! She was nodding since I answered correctly but I screwed up Antibiotics anyway hehehee It was all good overall *pat, pat myself*

Everyone was so happy for me hehehee Loud congratulations and several hugs. Douglas yelled from one end of the hallway during Surgery class and did a little jig. I bumped into Yun Kin's whole group on the street and they cheered outloud. Aron's proud of me and Ivan asked how I should celebrate LOL Oohh I AM FREE FROM PHARMACOLOGY!

ps many friends sent me well-wishings and good lucks.. aint I lucky!