Friday, November 04, 2005

Out Of Stock

I really wanted to revise on the home task given for Obstetrics but hehehee I was very occupied in front of the computer LOL I chat with Fats, Gabby and Mervin then sent them some pictures of the apartment :) Ohh lately I have been chatting with DJ Pietro on MSN hahahaa Quite the nice chap!

Anyway Reena gave me a ring in the afternoon. They wanted to come over for dinner because their groceries are finished. Paul isnt gonna be home today because hes got something up at his hostel. I tried to bake a chocolate cake but it turned out to be a flop :( Going into the dustbinlahh. I cooked Ayam Madu and vegetables for the 4 of us hehehee Managed to watch Constantine finally LOL Keanu Reeves is damn on!! *oohh please take me*

Tomorrow I will go to the embassy :P I mean this would be my first time in 3 years maybe? I stopped going to the embassy since Aron wasnt allowed to participate. I know its gonna be bloody packed but I will still go and see whats going on. Of course forget about getting whatever satisfying food hahahaa