Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oohh Obstetrics

Hehehee today was a joke. Douglas was nice enough to meet me at M. Palezhaevskaya because I have no idea where class is. Some ass end of the purple line. Anyway we managed to take Bus.No48 and arrived at Hospital No.67 upfront (Russian hospitals and schools are numbered, no glamourous names)

Not enough, have to walk all the way in since we are having Obstetrics right. Classes are held in the Rodilnei Dom aka Labour House. Our teacher is pretty nice, speaks fluent English but somewhat strict as well. Told us not to miss class, be punctual etc Since it was our first class and none of us were prepared, no point of continuing the class so we were dismissed :P

I reached home early. I slept for 2 hours till 4pm plus and dragged Paul to the library with me. He didnt go for class today, something wrong with his eye. Ahhh damn relaxing. Tomorrow got no class because of Hari Raya Puasa and this cycle is like so free :) Hahaha we took our own sweet time, exchanged and grabbed new textbooks. I was bloated so we headed straight home, otherwise we would have had fattening food at PFU! LOL