Thursday, November 10, 2005

Online Album

Oohh since Tuesday I was uploading all the pictures to! I am not ready with it yet but as soon as I think it can be shared with the public, everyone will know the add! :)

Apart from habitual evening naps (around 5-7/8pm) and then staying up till 1-2am, nothing much happened LOL Paul let me hog the Internet since he realised my newfound craze. He loves to go on MSN as well but last night he baked a cheesecake instead :P With tropical fruits!

Hmmm this cycle we only have 2 subjects and both finish around 2pm. A lot of free time hehehe So far we havent seen child labour during Obstetrics :( Not so exciting. Surgery is quite a bit of a joke. The lecture in the mornings are in Russian, lucky got slideshows and pictures otherwise we wouldnt understand anything!