Friday, November 25, 2005

Officially Snowing

I guess winter has finally started. Been snowing for the past 2 days. I checked the Archives of November 2004 and yeahh it snowed around this time. In Obstetrics until now we still havent seen any vagina action *cries* Only 1 and a half C-section and that also not like helluva impressive or what. Cycle ending soon somemore :(

After class, the 4 of us headed to M.Ohotnyei Ryd. Sunny was going to Star Travel to pay for the tickets to UK, Quek left us to Time Online (its a cybercafe) while Victor and I tagged along Sunny LOL We had slight lunch because later they were gonna have dinner at Mirage and friends are coming over to my place meaning big cookout right!

Around 5pm I left them and came back to the apt. The agent came to collect the rent shortly. Nothing much I did, hung around, prepared ingredients for my Coca Cola Chicken hehehee By 8pm everyone arrived and yum yummm Reena's Vege Dhal is the best! Unfortunately the chicken I prepared was too little but I compensated Bubur Kacang Merah for dessert :P Which turned out nice- "Soft and sweet enough"

We watched a Thai horror flick called Shutter. Poor Justin was coughing during the entire movie. He says hes got asthma but none of us think that it is. Praveen stetho-ed on him and he suspects its pneumonia. I heard wheezing in the lungs. Haihh he best get it checked out. I slept around 3am. It was nice to have Praveen and Kai Yen over!