Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not A Crush

Our romance was short-lived :(

I dont really want to BLOG about what happened between me and him for the past week. Whatever happened shouldnt have but since it already did, I guess there isnt much to regret about. Look on the brighter side, never tried never know right?

I know what I want and definitely strong for my stand. I dont like guys who are indecisive especially when it comes to feelings. Officially I step back on this complicated situation and yes, as much as I love him, I will also have to let go of him *sighh*

Earlier, I wrote him a poem. It ached, yet every sentenced was made up with some hope. I was very optimistic about not having him mine because he is my best friend anyway. We will still be friends and remain close right?

ALAS, feelings confessed,
But I shall not rest for you feel sorrow,
I long for an answer.. today or tomorrow.

I will wait patiently, by and by;
Years, I have loved you silently.

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