Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not A Crush II

I finally helped him make the decision since he couldnt and wouldnt. I told him that I dont want him anymore. It is unacceptable that I will be kept in the dark even if his claim is true :(

Anyway I wrote him another poem today and I meant every word. Somewhat an ending to the previous piece. I had to gather some courage before I sent it. I dont doubt his feelings for me but I will not give him the priviledge to choose. Here goes

THE day shall not come, yet
Back to the start, set.

Feelings will hide, through time and tide.
But the saying waits for no man;
I will wait though, for as long as I can.

Word is, he better understand what I am trying to do. I am helping him to make his life easier. He didnt even hold me back so it means hes made a choice. Now he just has to get over me soon enough. He may cry, he may tell me how hard it is or how sad it is but I know its only for the meantime. After the winter hols, this will prolly be over!

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