Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Dudes

I finally did some revision on Obstetrics! Hahahaa woke up pretty late tonight. Nearly noon :P Then Paul woke up as well and waited for me to finish my revision before heading to his M2 hostel for Hari Raya Open House. Just some cookout at someone's room for everyone. Kahovskaya hostel has one around 7pm but I am not attending that onelahh *wasted right*

We visited Han's room first. Warren was there as well, smoking leaked shisha. I didnt have anything since I woke up so the smoke made me nauseatic. Damn funnylah those 2 fellas. It wasnt as bad as the first time I met them. You know I have 1st Class Hounours in my Social Studies (like Douglas put it LOL) so it wasnt too awkward to start a conversation with them!

Next we headed to Paul's room to see Jeya and Sashi :) Jeya injured his right leg a month ago so hes been limping and missing classes. Poor fella. Coincidentally its Sashi's birthday today so I hugged her a greeting. Around 4pm calls came in, food was ready on the 7th floor hehehee I followed Paul only. It was actually Han's gf, Juanni and her friend Erina who hosted this Open House. A lot of people were crammed in the room, chowing on curry and briyani already LOL

Paul introduced to most fellas in the room. I have met some of them but then again, who remembers right. This is the interesting part. I sat beside this Indian dude called Suren. When food was finished, I just sat around listening to these monkeys talk cock. I dont know what hit me but my instincts told me to ask Suren if hes Kevin's cousin. Guess what, he IS!!

In my 1st year, Kevin told me his cousin was coming to study in Moscow. What happened was, I DID meet his cousin once at M.Biblioteka when Edwin (yes the one I met when I first came to Moscow, the one yesterday on my way to the embassy etc) brought them around. Then I totally forgot about Suren until just now! What the fuck! Paul heard about our reunion and was really sick of it LOL Yes, I know many people. Somehow everyone has a link to me :P

So I told these fellas to come to the apartment again, like next weekend. The group of 10 came before but during the weekend when I was at St.Petersburg. It was an embarassment because Paul did a bad job playing host! To save Paul's dignity I hope they would come sometime soon hahahaa Even Suren was cursing about that day hehehee I had a great time at the M2 hostel. The Malay girls were nice too. We snapped pics and this Erina said "Comelnya" to me hahaha