Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kafe Haus

Damn tired I was. Took a nap (which I rarely do) for like 2 hours. In the midst of my slumber, I heard Paul telling someone over the phone that I was sleeping. It was either Viro or the cartoon down the street LOL I woke up later, only feeling drowsy and even more tired!

Haihhh. So the gang was doing coffee in Kafe Haus at Ramstore. Paul agreed to come along and we arrived there within an hour. Wishnu was there as well hehehe I had a nice Banana flavoured Latte Shake *yummy* Talked all kinds of cock like usual until 10pm plus heheheee Oohh these fellas are planning to go to Spain from the end of January till the beginning of the semester! :O

We went into Ramstore to buy two chicken and some drinks for late supper at our place. No idea suddenly everyone said I will cook LOL Back in the apartment, I prepared Thai Green Curry. Very tasty! Popes came over too. These cartoons stayed till 2am then finally made a move. Its fun hanging out with them peeps :)